Single Xray Cards Stainless Wire 316


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Industrial X-ray inspection systems are used to inspect in-process or finished products to check for foreign body contamination. The X-ray systems operate on density and therefore conventional plastic test samples manufactured for metal detectors are not suitable.

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Wire Size

0.2mm x 2mm, 0.2mm x 5mm, 0.31mm x 2mm, 0.31mm x 5mm, 0.4mm x 2mm, 0.4mm x 5mm, 0.5mm x 10.0mm, 0.5mm x 15.0mm, 0.5mm x 2.0mm, 0.5mm x 5.0mm, 0.63mm x 10.0mm, 0.63mm x 2.0mm, 0.63mm x 5.0mm, 0.71mm x 2.0mm, 0.71mm x 5.0mm, 0.8mm x 2mm, 0.8mm x 5mm, 0.9mm x 2mm, 0.9mm x 5mm, 1.0mm x 2mm, 1.0mm x 5mm


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